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Hiring Procedures


We endeavour to deliver all garments as quickly as possible. If you order in advance, and your garment is not shipped to you in time, a full refund is applicable. Orders placed last minute, meaning, less than 1.5 days from your event, that do not arrive in time will be issued a credit note and not a refund due to shipment processes.


Alterations to garments are strictly prohibited. Any changes to the garment will result in further charges.


Dry cleaning is incorporated into the overall pricing, so leave that to us!


Accidents happen, but please contact us immediately to arrange a solution. There may be additional charges for specialist dry-cleaning or repairs.


Return your garment via the pre-addressed post bag that arrived with your hire.


Unfortunately, Elles Boutique is unable to refund garments that do not fit perfectly. Please read the measurements and ask us questions via the chat bar!


Elles Boutique relies on our customers returning the following business day after their hire date ends. Late returns will result in an additional $20 per late day via the original payment method to reimburse for the disruption. If that the hiree fails to make late fees or any contact to the store, an external debt collector agency will be involved to recover.


We understand that plans change! Please cancel your rental dates as soon as possible, minimum 12 days prior to the commencement of your rental date, and Elles Boutique will happily refund. In the event that Elles Boutique is not notified before the 12 days of your rental, 20% of the overall price will be deducted and the remainder will be refunded.

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